PADI 5 Star Dive Resort, Guesthouse in Phuket

Private Pool of Blue Divecenter

blue divecenter private swimming pool
front shot of swimming pool
swimming pool rest area
swimming duck

Inside of the Blue Divecenter

Guesthouse in Phuket
whale and whale baby in blue divecenter
underwater creatures in blue divecenter
a shark in blue divecenter
class room and rest area in blue divecenter
rest area in blue divecenter
instructor office

Blue Dive Center Dormitory Hostel

Guesthouse in Phuket
3 bunk bed each room

one room up to 6 people.

Male and Female room are separate.

The price is offered at 500 baht per night,(High Season 700 baht)

333 baht per night during the training day for trainees.

dormitory toilet

There is a toilet in each room.

save energy and save dolphin

Liveabord means that you will Live on board of a vessell during your trip.

It is very common, on a diving holiday, to stay on a hotel or resort, and then do daytrips for diving. Normally that would involve the transfer to the pier, taking the boat out to the dive site, spend the day onboard and then return to your hotel.

The magic of Liveaboards is that they resolve the diving, the accomodation and the meals all at  once, on board. Additionally, while doing a live abord, you can acces to dive sites that might not be accessible due to distance in a day trip. Long travel crossings are usually done at nigh, while you sleep, so when you wake up, you are ready to dive a great dive site!

Live abord is definitively the best way to travel and foccus in diving.

During those trips we normally do 4 dives per day.


Phuket Day trip: Enjoy a wonderful day of diving on a comfortable and relaxing diving Vessel that will take you to different locations around the Phuket diving Area.

Racha Islands, Phuket Marine Park and Phi Phi Islands will offer you incredible dive sites, suitable for all kind of recreational diving levels.

Come with us to enjoy beautiful and diverse Landscapes full of marine Life and fantastic Nature.

리브어보드 트립은 말 그대로 선상에 산다라는 뜻입니다.

일반적으로 우리는 호텔이나 리조트에 머물며 항구로 이동한 다음 배를 타고 이동하여 다이빙을 하고  다시 숙소로 돌아오는 식의 Day Trip 다이빙을 합니다.